10 years of SilverBlue

Here we are looking  back on a decade of SilverBlue and our collective journey in music, so before we deliver some exciting news, let's have a quick look back at how we goht where we are. We started SilverBlue back in 2012 with a huge passion for soul, blues & pop music and a shared goal of making music. We have had many great and formative experiences over the last ten years and certainly our fair share of luck, but our journey definitely hasn't been without the occasional pothole.

Since performing our first ever gig at Baronessa in Lenzburg, we've not turned back and have now performed too many shows to count, both at home in Switzerland and abroad. We've been fortunate enough to play in front of over a thousand people, supporting Kunz. With some help from the Swiss embassy we were able to bring our music to Lebanon, and after that had the warmest of welcomes from the Filipino music scene.

Having had played over 100 weddings we decided we were finally ready for some studio time and we recorded our first EP "My Room", holding the launch party at KiFF and even getting our first radio play time. We took to the stage for "The Voice of Switzerland" and shortly afterwards had some big changes to the groups line up, but after some self-assessment we bounced back stronger than ever.

Now that you're all caught up, we're getting ready to release a brand-new album!

This album will celebrate our journey together as bandmates, friends and family and will feature a few of our favourite songs from our recorded works alongside some material which until now was only ever performed live and - of course - some completely new tracks.

We have another fantastic album launch planned for 28th October 2022, once again at KiFF in Aarau, where you'll get your opportunity to hear some brand new music from SilverBlue...

Until then we appreciate and love all of our fans and we can't wait to release this album and look back over our decade together.


Our band

Daniela Heiniger


Michael Heiniger 


Yannick Schmutz


Adrian Bissegger


David Spinnler



Mischa Maurer